10 Steps to a More Organized Garage

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If your garage has become a domestic dumping ground, it’s time to shift gears. Today, a blog provided
 by Encore Garage owner and Cleveland organizing guru Mike Padden showcasing “10 Things to Consider When Organizing Your Garage in 2014." And if you aren’t even parking in your garage, you really need to read this:

1. Identify the Root of the Clutter

Start by understanding your “clutter personality.” Which of the following best describes you?
The Hoarder
says, “This might come in handy some day!"

The Deferrer says, “I’ll think about it tomorrow!"
The Rebel says, “I like things just as they are and no one can make me change, I don’t even really like putting the car in the garage at night."

2. Purge with a Purpose
Identify it then tag it one of three ways: 1. Keep It; 2. Donate it; 3. Trash It.

3. Get in the Zone

Situate your space and your stuff on paper before lugging it around on the concrete. Map out your garage and divide it by zones:

1. Indoor-Outdoor Transition; a natural space to place bags, hang jackets, or sit to put on or take off shoes.

2. Household Overflow; quick and easy access to household overflow— frequently used items like pet food, soft drinks, canned goods, paper products, etc.

3. Large/Long/Long Term; higher elevation storage keeps seldom-used items out of the way, such as coolers, camping gear, and holiday decor.

4. Long-Tall-Thin Storage; everyday yard gear like shovels, racks, and clippers should be located steps away from where you use them.

5. Hobbies/Work Activity Area; (see details in #5 below)

Let the map be your guide as you sort and assign space to your stuff.

4. Admit It’s An Entryway
Saddled with groceries, you stop in the garage and juggle keys, coffee, cell phone and more. For your kids, your spouse, and a handful of friends, your garage is the primary entry to your home. Ease the transition with surfaces for setting and hooks for hanging. Consider lockers or storage benches for backpacks, shoes and boots, and a rug or scraper to cut the dirt or snow tracked inside.

5. Find Your Station

Sports enthusiast? Garden grower? Grease monkey? If space allows, station a hobby center directly opposite the large garage door. Include a well-lit work surface so you can see what’s at hand. Keep it clear by storing small tools and supplies on slatted walls that allow you to clip and endlessly rearrange an assortment of hooks, racks and baskets.

6. Above the Rest
The minute anything but your tires hits the garage floor, it’s the beginning of the end for your organization aspirations. Mount items to the walls to prevent floor pileups and make cleanup easy.

7. Layer by Hazard and Height
Store children’s items close to the ground and place things you’ll need to share at mid- level. Stow “adult” items (chemicals, breakables, or sharp tools) overhead and behind lockable cabinet doors if necessary.

8. Take Sides
Hook or hang awkward seasonal tools—snow shovels, leaf rakes, folding chairs, etc.—on the walls nearest the garage door to lessen the likelihood that you’ll ding your cars by dragging things along the length of your stalls.

9. Lighten Up

No one wants to spend time in a dim garage with hidden hazards. Install long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs overhead and clip or hook mobile task lights in places where you’re most likely to need them. Multiply the effect by coating your ceiling with light, reflective paint.

10. Mobilize Your Masses
You’ll only get so far sorting everyone’s stuff by yourself. Dedicate a day of family garage- keeping complete with pre-planning
 and recreation. Purchase organizers and cleanup supplies ahead of time. Define the project’s time and punctuate with snacks. Appoint a project photographer to capture before, after and candid shots.

To speak with EncoreGarage’s Mike Padden about helping organize your garage, call 330-899-4089 or make an appointment.

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