2015 Home Resolutions

by HGExpo.com on 03/09/2015 - 04:15 pm

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Host More

Tidiness is a common beginning-of-the-year goal that often fizzles by February. Dusting and vacuuming aren’t particularly fun activities, and it all seems a little pointless if you’re the only one that gets to bask in the momentary glow of a spotless house. Instead, become the hostess with the mostess and cleanliness is sure to follow.

This has the added benefit of breaking up the dinner-and-a-movie monotony that weekend plans fall into, and if you can convince your guests to help out in the food department, you might actually save some money.

Declutter (or Purge!)

Less is more, and there’s probably too much "stuff" in your refrigerator, pantry, garage, and closets. Exceedingly few people actually need a mounted, singing fish, and no one needs a backup croquet set. Get rid of it, and don’t just move it to another location. Transforming “junk in your house” into “junk in your storage unit” isn’t an improvement, it’s paying rent so your bad habit has a place to live.

Sell it, donate it, throw it away, burn it.

Drink With Class

Every year, millions of americans resolve to drink less. When beginning-of-the-year willpower inevitably fades, consider investing in quality ingredients and a bartender’s guide.

The resulting drinks taste better, take longer to make, and cost more per ml of alcohol. This means less booze in your system, bottles that double as a design statement, and a reason to finally learn how to pronounce “Glenmorangie."

Invest In Sleep

Sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and memory loss. Sleeping more would be nice, but you’ve got stuff to do. Instead, make the few hours you do get count, with high thread count sheets, memory foam pillows, and a heavy, down duvet. Five hours of sleep has never felt so good!

Upgrade “Rough” Spaces

Every homeowner has one or two rooms they’d prefer guests didn’t wander into. The two most common offenders are the basement and the garage. Instead of herding friends and family away from these trouble spots, work on making them more livable and friendly.

Ohio Garage Interiors offers durable garage flooring, cabinetry, and organizational systems that balance aesthetic appeal and durable functionality. Their goal is to turn your messy garage into a clean, modern gateway to your home.

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