7 Famous Houses That You'll Recognize From Your Favorite TV Shows

by HGExpo.com on 05/26/2015 - 01:24 pm

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Watch enough TV, and you'll feel yourself connecting to more than just the cast. I've watched my fair share of Frasier episodes (all of them), and now my life's goal is to find a reasonably priced Eames lounge chair.

Eames Classic Lounge Chair

Dr. House has one in Corduroy

The home is where your favorite characters experience conflict, joy, and growth for 30 minutes every week (or, for those of you with Netflix, 7 consecutive hours on a Saturday), so it's only natural that you grow to love where they live. Here are our favorite real residences that will make you say, "Hey, I know that place from somewhere."

Full House: Frisco Family's Pad

Full House house

The Tanner's Historical Victorian is actually located in the show's hometown, San Francisco. Some viewers may wonder why the cast is enjoying a picnic lunch directly in front of their own house in the opening credits, but don't confuse the family home with the "painted ladies," a row of houses that are commonly used as a background for movies, TV shows, and postcards. They may look similar, but the painted ladies are 12 blocks away, near the Alamo Square Park.

Other questions remain. Why are there two sets of stairs going up from the first floor, and only one set going down from the second? How did the Tanners get that large a backyard in the Bay Area? When will John Stamos start aging?

John Stamos Then and Now


Family Matters: Deep Dish Digs

Family Matters House

Steve Urkel's second home in the second city is a 2.5 story on Chicago's North Side that celebrated it's 100th birthday in the early 2000s.

If you're interested in estimating the current value of the Winslow house, remember to take into account the structural damage caused by everyone's favorite neighbor, the fact that the youngest Winslow child disappeared without a trace in 1993, and the reanimated ventriloquist dummy that's been known to inhabit the plumbing.

Stevil Family Matters

One of the best, most terrifyingly bizarre Halloween episodes

Friends: The One with the Picture Frame Around The Peephole

Monicas Apartment Friends

Suspend your disbelief for long enough to assume that anyone can afford an apartment of any size in Manhattan. The building used for exterior shots of Monica's apartment is located at 90 Bedford St in New York's West Village.

"It doesn't have to match, it doesn't have to look nice, it just has to be full." -Monica's internal monologue when decorating her apartment.

Boy Meets World: Philly, Phiiilly, Phi-hi-hi-hi-hilly

Boy Meets World House

The Matthews lived in a Philadelphia suburb, but the home used in exterior shots is actually situated in LA's Studio City neighborhood.

The Boy Meets World finale aired 15 years ago. If you need a quick rundown of the major plot points, Samuel L. Jackson has you covered:

Cheers: The Bar On A Hill

Cheers Bar Exterior

Strictly speaking this isn't a residence, but Norm spent more time on a barstool than with his family, so we think it counts.

The Bull & Finch Pub in Boston, Massachusetts served as the exterior for the bar where everybody knows your name. The establishment changed its name to "Cheers Beacon Hill" in 2002 to take advantage of the show's popularity.

Arrested Development: Watch Out For Live-Ins

Arrested Development House

"Sudden Valley" is an entirely fictitious housing development, but the Bluth's model home IS a real house in SoCal's Woodland Hills neighborhood. The interior of the home is used as well, but only in the Pilot, which explains why the layout mysteriously changes from the first episode to the second.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Lavish Living in Los Angeles

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air House

The Banks mansion is located in Brentwood, an affluent LA neighborhood, and not Bel-Air, an affluent LA neighborhood. Interestingly, the Banks live less than a mile from Modern Family's Gloria and Jay Pritchett.