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How To Hang Curtains

by on 02/15/2018 - 04:37 pm
Category: Windows & Doors

Three Rules of Curtain Hanging
How to make your room and window look larger with curtains1.   Hang your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than to your window (Or at least split the difference)          — This means you'll probably need to buy longer curtains          — OR try adding a fun fabric to the top or bottom of the curtains2.   The curtains should gently hang on the left and right edges of the window frame          — Good rule of thumb: Curtains should cover more of your walls than your windows  & ...

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Garden To Table: Pasta With Roasted T...

by on 12/10/2013 - 11:13 am
Category: Lawn & Garden

By Jane SnowEvery year I think about planting garlic—usually after the ground has frozen and is under a couple of feet of snow. This year I am finally in sync with the garlic-planting season. In Ohio, garlic should be planted in October for harvesting in July or August. Oh, boy. I can get back out there and dig in the dirt.I’m excited to plant my first garlic crop, in part because I cook with a lot of garlic. I go through at least one or two heads of garlic a week when nothing especially garlicky is on the menu. When I’m making pesto or another garlic-intensive recipe, I can easily go through four or five.The other reason I’m crazy-happy to plant garlic is that it sta ...

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How To Buy Replacement Windows

by on 10/24/2013 - 11:26 am
Category: Windows & Doors

By Universal WindowsTurning the home you have into the home you want to have should be more of a marathon and less of a sprint. Tackling each home improvement project individually is much more manageable than trying to fix everything at once. And sometimes these individual projects need to be broken down further to accommodate your budget and time. Replacement windows are a perfect example of this principle. Anyone who's looked into swapping out an entire home's windows at once knows it's a sizable investment. So many of us move to the bit-by-bit approach to home improvement. Maybe you need to replace 10 windows but want to start with just three or four.How do you decide which windows to rep ...

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VIDEO: Home Construction Time Lapse

by on 10/15/2013 - 03:13 pm
Category: Building & Remodeling

We've talked about the new waterfront homes at Mallard's Edge before. We highlighted the perks and features, and walked through a fully furnished Mallard's Edge home, but what does the building process look like?Here is that process. From excavation to putting the finishing touches on the landscaping in a little over a month, the Mallard's Edge team—working with McConnell Excavation and Palmer Development—have home construction down to a science.

To schedule a walkthrough of a Mallard's Edge home, make an appointment.

Troubleshooting Vinyl Window Frames a...

by on 10/14/2013 - 03:31 pm
Category: Windows & Doors

We've touched on it before, but it bears repeating—windows, and the openings that surround them, are responsible for a large portion of energy loss in most homes. That's why Champion Windows of Cleveland have developed vinyl frames and sashes that keep the good air in, and the bad air out.According to Champion Division Manager Andy Wimsatt, materials matter. And that's why Champion vinyl windows are made exclusively from first generation, or "virgin" vinyl. This means no recycled plastics (which become weaker every time they're reused) or ground materials are mixed in during the manufacturing process. What results are pure, homogenous vinyl frames and sashes with bolder colors, resista ...

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VIDEO: Replacement Window Efficiency—...

by on 10/10/2013 - 02:56 pm
Category: Windows & Doors

We recently covered the importance of precision when it comes to custom-built replacement windows, but that's not the end of the story. The installation of the window is just as important as the window itself. In recent years, windows' r-values (a standardized rating of energy efficiency) have increased, but windows remain one of the largest sources of energy loss in most homes. You obviously don't want to live in a bunker with no view of the outside world, so ensuring that windows are installed properly to prevent as much unintended airflow as possible is great first step in lowering energy costs.

Charles Farkas has been installing Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows for 10 years, a ...

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VIDEO: Outdoor Gas Fireplaces and Fir...

by on 10/09/2013 - 02:29 pm
Categories: Décor & Lighting, Home Exteriors

Before you start chopping wood and tearing up newspaper, consider fitting your backyard or patio with a gas fireplace or fire pit. The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone, which means it's officially fall in Northeast Ohio. Get ready for pumpkin-themed drinks, sweatshirt weather, and even more football. This period of (hopefully) mild weather in between the heat of late summer and the frigid cold of December is a popular time to sit around an outdoor fire and enjoy the crisp fall air. Propane and natural gas fireplaces are undeniably easier to light than their wood counterparts—simply turn on the gas supply and strike a match. And while the familiar smell of a campfire is seasonally qua ...

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VIDEO: Water In Your Basement May Be ...

by on 10/01/2013 - 03:41 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Garage/Basement/Storage, Home Exteriors

Cleveland homeowner Beth Goldberg knew water was getting into her basement, but she never suspected it was compromising the structural integrity of her home. Those tiny puddles of water were symptoms of a problem larger than the occasional wet sock.Beth called On-Call Waterproofing to investigate the "small" water issues, and after removing the basement paneling, Frank Tomaro and the On-Call crew found an all-too-familiar scene—a severely cracked foundation that wasn't able to properly support the house that rested on it. In fact, the floor joists were relying on only one beam to bear the full weight of the home. "I saw that the floor wasn't even really attached to the concrete walls," ...

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