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SolarMax Inc. Testimonial or "How Sol...

by on 01/31/2014 - 02:45 pm
Categories: Energy Savings, Home Technology

It's true that solar power can save homeowners a lot of money on their energy bills, but Don Shafer's motivation is significantly less material: he wants to save the world for his grandkids.Don used SolarMax Inc. in Brunswick, and he recommends them to his friends and family for three reasons.First, owner Kevin Wisor delivered on his promises. "He showed up on time, and did what he said he'd do," shares Don. "He was the most enthusiastic, and he was by far the person who I had the most trust in."Second, Kevin and the SolarMax crew know their stuff. Kevin showed up to Don's house with a plan. Research had been done, measurements had been made, and all that was left was getting to work.Finally ...

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VIDEO: Stay Off the Ladder with Gutte...

by on 01/28/2014 - 09:56 am
Category: Home Exteriors

Ideally, water should flow from the top of your roof, into your gutters, down the downspout, and away from your home's foundation. But leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris can create clogs in your gutters that prevent the rainwater from being channeled away from your home.Franciscus Incorporated Roofing has been climbing on Ohio roofs for over 30 years, so they're familiar with the clogged gutter problem. That's why they've started a partnership with Gutter Remedy Gutter Protection. Gutter Remedy uses a surface-tension design whereby water—and only water—clings up to and around the curve, into the gutter. Since bugs and sticks are solid, and can't flow like a liquid, they simp ...

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VIDEO: Hinckley Historical Society Ro...

by on 01/28/2014 - 02:39 pm
Category: Building & Remodeling

Settled at the beginning of the 19th century, Hinckley Township is that little square in the Northeast corner of Medina County. According to the local historical society, the brave souls that first tried to build homes and farms around the edges of the dense Hinckley forests routinely lost entire flocks to wolves and bears while their crops were raided by deer. Frustration grew and grew until 1818, when Hinckley settlers decided enough was enough and officially declared war against their agrarian predators. And the single battle of this war was fierce.Records hint that Hinckley farmers probably had help from able-bodied men and boys from Cleveland to Brunswick, including veterans of the Amer ...

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VIDEO: Give Your Garage a Makeover

by on 01/28/2014 - 11:58 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

We ask a lot of our garages. They need to house our cars, lawnmowers, ladders, and old golf clubs. We track mud and snow through them when we're working outside, and then we begrudge them for looking a little messy. It's just not fair.But according to Mike Padden of Encore Garage, a little designing, some strategically placed cabinets and countertops, and colorful epoxy floor coating (to hide the occasional dirty spot) quickly turns a haphazard, messy garage into an organized entryway that any home would be proud to attach itself to.Take this home in Avon, Ohio as inspiration:

Want to schedule a makeover of your own? Make an appointment with Mike!

10 Steps to a More Organized Garage

by on 01/28/2014 - 04:15 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

If your garage has become a domestic dumping ground, it’s time to shift gears. Today, a blog provided
 by Encore Garage owner and Cleveland organizing guru Mike Padden showcasing “10 Things to Consider When Organizing Your Garage in 2014." And if you aren’t even parking in your garage, you really need to read this:

 1. Identify the Root of the Clutter
Start by understanding your “clutter personality.” Which of the following best describes you?
The Hoarder says, “This might come in handy some day!" 
The Deferrer says, “I’ll think about it tomorrow!"The Rebel says, “I like things just as they are and no one can make me change, I don ...

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Home Energy Evaluation: Basement

by on 01/28/2014 - 04:11 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

When we last checked in with Nate from Energy Smart Home Performance he was evaluating the Lasher home's attic for energy inefficiencies. Nate's fixes for the attic will address retaining air that's already been circulated to the top floor, but what about ensuring that the transport for all that heat (a duct system in this case) isn't leaking along the way? For that, Nate and the Lashers head off to the basement, where they find even more opportunities to air seal and increase efficiency.

Is your home chilly with the furnace on full blast? Make an Appointment with Energy Smart Home Performance.

WeatherSeal's Approach to Windows

by on 01/15/2014 - 10:56 am
Category: Windows & Doors

Scott Hedrick, WeatherSeal's President of Sales, knows windows. He's been dealing with contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and clients for 20 years, and in that time he's reached one very important conclusion: A homeowner in need doesn't want to "hear the history of windows. They want to hear about quality, service, and price."That's why WeatherSeal has created a network of manufacturers, suppliers, and prices that work together to create variety and flexibility when buying windows.

Make an appointment with WeatherSeal, and get $25 FREE to Mustard Seed Market.

VIDEO: Do I Need a Roof Tune Up?

by on 01/08/2014 - 02:28 pm
Category: Home Exteriors

The lifetime of a shingle roof depends primarily on the type of shingles used, but 15-20 years is a pretty good guess for most homes in Northeast Ohio. It seems unlikely that an entirely new roof is required if you're only halfway through you current shingles' warranty.  So what's the recommended course of action if you experience leaking after only nine? Probably a roof tune-up.A roof tune-up is like a physical for your roof. All the joints, systems, seams, and shingles are checked for wear and tear. Missing or damaged shingles or flashing and compromised seals around vents are the most common culprits. While they're up there, most roofing contractors will also clean out any crud that' ...

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HGExpo Named "Best New Site 2013"

by on 01/08/2014 - 03:17 pm
Category: Home Exteriors

HGExpo, Cleveland’s new online home and garden show has been named "Best New Site” by the New York-based PR News.Each year PR News’ Digital PR Awards identifies industry leaders across 35 categories that represent excellence in public relations and online communications. With categories from “Best Blog” to “Best Digital PR Campaign – 500K+,” these awards “set the industry benchmark for excellence across all areas of digital PR,” according to the PR News website.These public relations and digital industry awards have recognized top brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Kia Motors America, ABC Family, Major League Baseball, Allstate Insu ...

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