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Why One Man And A Hammer Uses Schlute...

by on 01/15/2015 - 03:40 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Tile and stone work is a common way homeowners add value and aesthetic appeal to bathrooms, but the stuff underneath the tile may be the most important part of the equation.
Many people see the shiny, clean appearance of a newly constructed tile shower and think “waterproof,” but that’s very rarely the case. Grout is designed to look nice and hold tile together, but it’s porous. Porous surfaces plus water means mold growing on the underlying walls. The solution to this problem is a waterproof membrane, placed directly underneath the tile layer, that drains excess moisture out of shower before it becomes a problem.
Shower floors require one additional consideration. ...

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How To Properly Prepare Your Garage F...

by on 01/15/2015 - 11:29 am
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

By Chad Gleske
Co-owner, Ohio Garage Interiors
While many homeowners prepare for the winter by getting their furnaces cleaned and checked, they often neglect the garage—which usually is the largest space in the house.
To best prepare your garage for the harshness of winter, it takes more than just winterizing items you store inside. Sure, adding fuel stabilizer to your lawn mower is good, but only a starting point for readying for winter.
Fix or replace weather-stripping
Just like you fix drafty windows and doors in your home, your garage also benefits from a tight seal. As weather-stripping gets old and becomes brittle, air leaks inside the garage. Replace the weather-stripping f ...

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Gift Ideas For Apartment Dwellers

by on 01/15/2015 - 05:04 pm
Categories: Décor & Lighting, Energy Savings, Home Technology

Gifting a person who occupies a tiny living space can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Here are seven sensational ideas to consider:


Many apartments don’t allow pets, and it’s nice to have ongoing, undeniable proof that a person is responsible enough to sustain life.

Wireless Speakers

Boiling water for Ramen is more glamorous when accompanied by T. Swift. The Logitech UE BOOM is last year’s model, but still one of the best on the market.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Which is more impressive: Good ol’ St. Nick, who visits every house in the world in und ...

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Gift Ideas for the Handyman in Your Life

by on 01/15/2015 - 02:13 pm
Category: Building & Remodeling

By Brent Moore
Owner, Moore Home Remodeling
When shopping for the handyman in your life, it may be challenging to know what to buy in a sea of tool options. Here are some ideas to help get you started this season.
Hand Tools and Safety Equipment Something as simple as hanging a picture can be difficult without a stud finder, and instead of pounding gently with a hammer to find studs in the wall, your handyman can quickly scan for studs with a stud finder. They’re relatively inexpensive (less than $20 at Sears) and can save your handyman some time and effort.
Once your handyman has a stud finder, make sure he has a laser level, too. Laser levels range in price, but even a simple one ...

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Inject Some Eye Appeal into Your Wint...

by on 01/15/2015 - 02:09 pm
Category: Lawn & Garden

By Chris Peters
Owner, Peter’s Professional Landscaping
If you are like American painter Andrew Wyeth and prefer winter “when you feel the bone structure of the landscape, where something waits beneath it but the whole story doesn’t show,” then this season should hold special promise for your landscape.
With a little ingenuity, your garden in winter should be no less stunning than any other time of year. Here are a few ideas to help you inject some eye-appeal.
1. Plan ahead. The best time to consider winter landscaping is when you are selecting the trees, bushes, and shrubs you plant in the spring and summer. For instance, dogwood that’s green all summer tur ...

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Unique Gifts from the Garden Center

by on 01/15/2015 - 10:00 am
Category: Lawn & Garden

By Mary Malik
I drove around town in my holiday haze, 
 Like a runaway Santa, avoiding the craze.
 Into Smith Brothers Mulch I stopped to switch gears, 
 For a quick blast of spring to get me through 'til next year.

Okay, I promise to stop rhyming. But I will tell you about all of the great gift ideas I found at Smith Brothers. As I wandered through the vast selection of garden accessories, holiday plants, and decorative home and garden displays, I knew this was the place to complete my holiday shopping. The possibilities are endless, but I've narrowed it down five, just what I needed to finish my list.

Number one is just right for so many family members and friends. Picture fra ...

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Before You Hang Those Holiday Lights

by on 01/15/2015 - 01:29 pm
Category: Home Exteriors

By Matt Kaulig
President,LeafFilter Gutter Protection
Before you climb that ladder to hang (or even just fix) your holiday lights, here are a few tips from one guy on a ladder to another.
Like any project, it's important to gather all of your materials before you begin. And even before that, you have to determine how your lights will be hung on your home. Will they hang vertically or horizontally? Will lights be attached directly to the gutters, or do your gutter guards require another method? Once you've determined how the lights will hang to frame your home you can then gather what you need.
On your list should be light clips, a ladder, measuring tape, extension cord(s), a lightweight ...

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Gift Ideas for Holiday Hosts and Host...

by on 01/15/2015 - 10:57 am
Categories: Décor & Lighting, Lawn & Garden

'Tis the season for... parties.
We all love the quintessential host gift: a bottle of wine. But if you want to stretch your creative muscles, think ouside the bottle. The gift pros at locally owned Uncle John's in Olmsted Falls can help with their unique holiday decor, gourmet food, and, literally, thousands of poinsettias grown on-site.
Or meet owner Susan Brown at her Consign Home Couture in Bay Village. This high-end consignment shop offers ecelctic holiday decor, new candles, and much more. Here's a quick look at what you'll find:

Giving the Gift of Comfort

by on 12/16/2014 - 05:00 pm
Categories: Energy Savings, Home Technology

By Raj Rai
Owner, WeatherKing Heating & Air Conditioning
When buying gifts for friends and family, I always ask myself, “What are the things they wouldn’t buy for themselves?”
The answer usually results in the most thoughtful of gifts—and ones the recipients will put to good use instead of setting aside. I also try to think of items that people can take comfort in, like these five unique gift ideas:
Air Purifier & Duct Cleaning Gifts that are not visual are often overlooked, but they can be very thoughtful. With so much emphasis on healthier living nowadays, gifts that improve wellness are sure bets. An air cleaner purifies the environment by filtering the ...

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Why Shop Local

by on 12/16/2014 - 08:25 am
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Décor & Lighting

By Howard Wolff
Owner, Wolff Brothers Supply
One-stop shopping may sound enticing, but let’s say you are in the market for a toilet or water heater. Do you really want to purchase these products from a place that also hawks everything from socks and soccer balls to peanuts and paper clips? And even if a big box store specializes in home improvement, is that really the best place to make the purchase?
The answer to both questions is a resounding, “No.” Supporting locally owned businesses makes sense for the consumer, community, and your conscience. Consider why:
You get terrific service. Local business owners and the people they employ really know their inventory and can ...

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