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Preventing Basement Condensation And ...

by on 03/09/2015 - 04:36 pm
Categories: Garage/Basement/Storage, Home Exteriors

Water in your basement is a bad sign, but it might not be coming from the outside in.
There are 2 possible sources of the water that some homeowners find running down their walls. Luckily, you can (and should) tackle both at the same time to prevent any future problems.
This is the most obvious cause of unwanted moisture. Water in the soil surrounding your home seeps through the porous blocks of the foundation, resulting in wet walls. Penetration is water from the outside moving to the inside as a result of inadequate drainage and water management on the outside of the home. Installing drainage and backfilling with gravel will allow moisture to flow freely from ground level to ...

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Finding The Source Of A Roof Leak

by on 03/09/2015 - 03:56 pm
Category: Home Exteriors

By Jaime Johnson
Owner, Perfect Home Restoration
When you think of a leaking roof, images of water dripping from the ceiling into a bucket on the floor come to mind. While this is sometimes the case, a leaky roof does not always have such obvious signs to alert you of a problem.
Roof leaks can develop over time, so water can collect in hidden areas of a home before it enters a living space and is noticed.
Signs of water damage include bulging in the walls and ceiling, cracked drywall and plaster, or peeling paint. Also check the attic for discolored wood, dirt on the insulation, and any odor.
If you have a roof leak, the first step is to prevent it from ruining your interior. Place a bu ...

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How Much Should I Spend On Furniture?

by on 03/09/2015 - 09:35 am
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Garage/Basement/Storage

By Alex Nemet
Owner, Northeast Factory Direct
Furniture is a big investment. With so many options available you don’t want to make a mistake. But contrary to popular belief, all furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some key pieces, though, that should be of the highest quality, which often translates into higher cost. I call these investment pieces and advise that you spend a little more for where you do most of your living. The good news is, once you’ve invested in these few pieces you can spend less on decorative items that don’t receive the wear and tear.
What to Buy First
The first investment piece is your sofa. Your sofa is probably the most used ...

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Have You Checked Your Roof Lately?

by on 03/09/2015 - 03:56 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Home Exteriors

By Lee Franciscus
Owner, Franciscus Roofing
With the winters getting crueler by the year, missing shingles and raised shingles have become more and more commonplace. Besides being an eyesore, they often lead to a host of problems, such as leaks, mold, and damaging ice dams.
Ice dams are formed when ice pushes up a shingle and forms a ridge at the edge of the roof that prevents melting snow from draining as it should off the roof. So water backs up behind the dam and into the home, causing expensive damage to walls and ceilings.
Much like most home maintenance issues, early attention and prevention can save you big money down the road.
The first thing to do if you notice missing or raise ...

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The Cabinets At One Man And A Hammer

by on 03/09/2015 - 03:50 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Shopping for cabinets can be intimidating. Once you consider all the brands, colors, styles, sizes, and hardware, you realize there are hundreds of thousands of possible combinations.
That’s why One Man’s Mentor showroom is equipped with kitchen and bathroom building software than can easily swap out this for that in a matter of seconds, not minutes. But sometimes, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Colors on a monitor and colors on your real-life cabinets might not always perfectly align. To remedy this, One Man’s showroom also houses their entire library of cabinetry, from Ultracraft to Bertch.
Here’s Bob Gallese, the original One Man, with the comple ...

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Cement As A Strong Choice For Basemen...

by on 03/09/2015 - 04:13 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

By Frank Tomaro
Owner, On Call Waterproofing
When you want something strong and durable, you often think of cement as one of the most rugged materials. So when it comes to waterproofing, a cement-based product is a good choice.
One of the most widely used building materials; cement’s versatility and desirable engineering properties also make it ideal for waterproofing.
Cement-based waterproofing has some advantages over other conventional methods because it integrates the materials, making them impermeable instead of just acting as pore fillers. It is also able to withstand expansion and contraction without cracking.
Not only does cement-based waterproofing protect the structure f ...

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How To Save Money On Landscaping

by on 03/09/2015 - 01:52 pm
Category: Lawn & Garden

By Chris Peters
Owner, Peter’s Professional Landscaping
Just like any home project, landscaping can become expensive if you’re not careful about budgeting. But with some careful planning and the right crew of professionals, landscaping can be as affordable as it is beautiful.
At Peter’s Professional Landscaping, we recommend tackling your landscaping project in phases so you can spread your budget out over an extended period of time. This can enable you to make even grand visions possible, without having to come up with a large amount of upfront cash. We offer customers a year-by-year installation program. We install one phase of your project at a time, allowing you to s ...

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Thawing & Preventing Frozen Pipes

by on 03/09/2015 - 04:04 pm
Categories: Home Technology, Kitchen & Bath

As temperatures plummet, the water inside a home’s pipes are at a greater risk of freezing. If your pipes are already blocked with ice, there are steps you can take to fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.
Blocks vs. Bursts
When your pipes freeze, a lack of running water is the least of your worries. A burst pipe can spray hundreds of gallons of water into your home.
If you turn a faucet and you’re not greeted with the familiar stream of water, you’ve probably got a blockage. Water has frozen and created a wall of slushy ice that’s preventing new water from reaching the tap. This is bad news because it means you can’t get a drink and yo ...

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Indoor Plants To Combat Winter Blues

by on 03/09/2015 - 04:59 pm
Category: Lawn & Garden

By Kyla Price
Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, impacts up to 20 percent of Americans and is known to be approximately four times more prevalent in women than men. Moreover, folks living in Northeast Ohio are even more prone to the disorder since the winter months offer very little natural sunlight.
In addition to taking Vitamin D supplements and engaging in SAD light therapy, you can also combat the winter blues with natural plant life. By mimicking the outdoors inside your own home, you are signaling nature’s bliss to enter your brain, which can have a positive overall effect on your wintertime moods.
First, consider doing your own planting, as getting your hands imm ...

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Cabinets & Granite Direct Testimonials

by on 03/09/2015 - 04:46 pm
Category: Kitchen & Bath

Cabinets & Granite Direct has been providing Northeast Ohio homes with quality granite for their kitchens and bathrooms for a decade. But just because their showroom is geared toward the homeowner, doesn’t mean they can’t handle the big jobs.
Cabinets & Granite Direct just completed two huge projects for two Northeast Ohio restaurants. YellowTail in Fairlawn and Shinto in Strongsville both needed a granite overhaul. Bars, tables, and countertops, everything granite needed replaced.
Cabinets & Granite impressed Kyle, the General Manager at Shinto, so much that he invited them into his own home.