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What's Clogging Your Gutters?

by on 03/02/2016 - 04:06 pm
Category: Home Exteriors

By Matt Kaulig
LeafFilter Gutter Protection
The best way to keep your gutters flowing freely is to keep debris from ever getting in. In order to perform properly and do the job of directing water away from your home and property, gutters need to be kept free from any and all impediments. And along with the usual dirt, leaves, twigs, snow and ice, I have seen some crazy gutter obstructions. From toys and tennis balls to remote controls, clothing and cutlery, your gutters can catch much more than just dirt and debris.
The trick is to keep it all out.
That’s where gutter guards come in. Once installed, your gutters are protected from all debris as tiny as pine needles and shingle grit ...

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Home Siding Replacement With Perfect ...

by on 03/02/2016 - 11:30 am
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Home Exteriors, Windows & Doors

Home exterior projects can be intimidating. Siding, roofing, and windows are expensive, and there are so many products to choose from. Add on to that the stresses of finding a contractor to invite to your home for the length of the project, and it quickly becomes overwhelming.
Perfect Home Restoration in Mentor understands how taxing the home improvement process can be, so Jaime and her crew work hard to steamline the choosing process and make installation as painless as possible.

Garage Cabinets From Ohio Garage Inte...

by on 03/02/2016 - 01:18 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

Garage's are cold, wet, and a good deal more messy than the rest of your home, and the cabinets in your garage should reflect that.
That's why Ohio Garage Interiors doesn't install standard kitchen cabinets into their clients' garages. Instead, they use oversized, garage-only cabinets that are uniquely qualified to handle the task garage storage.
In addition to being larger, Ohio Garage cabinets are installed six inches off the ground to protect against moisture, dirt, and pests. Sweep and squeegee away without worrying about running into the base of your cabinets.
Moisture is a concern with all home systems in Northeast Ohio, so Ohio Garage Interiors uses "thermal fused laminate" in all ...

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Epoxy Garage Floor Coating By Ohio Ga...

by on 03/02/2016 - 02:22 pm
Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

DIY epoxy garage floor coating is one of the most common weekend warrior projects homeowners tackle. But it probably shouldn’t be.
Garage Flooring Professionals
We’re all in favor of ambition and a go-getter attitude, but we urge you to think twice before you strap on your protective mask and rubber boots. That’s because the professionally done floors you’re using as inspiration didn’t come out of a big-box store, they’re the product of diamond-tipped tools and years of expertise.
Watch the pros at Ohio Garage Interiors explain their two-day, garage transformation workflow: