Avoid A Visit From The Furnace Repairman

by HGExpo.com on 08/20/2014 - 03:24 pm

If your furnace is making unusual sounds, failing to maintain even temperatures, or constantly rebooting, something is probably wrong. However, before you pick up the phone and call a heating and cooling company, HVAC specialist Bryan Rutkosky, of Ber’s HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Energy Auditing, says there are a few things you can try on your own to get your furnace back into tip-top shape.

First, Bryan says, homeowners should check their heater’s filter system and make sure it’s clean. Clogged, dirty filters often cause airflow obstructions, and a simple switch to a clean filter could save a specialist visit altogether. To avoid this problem in the first place, Bryan suggests writing the date you last changed your filter directly on the filter’s cardboard cover. Afterward, put a reminder in your calendar to switch it out.

Another simple but significant issue is sometimes found with the thermostat. “Most thermostats will give you low battery signals, but when in doubt, put a fresh set of batteries in. It’s a simple troubleshooting step that could save you some time and hassle,” Bryan explains.

During the cold months, air intakes can block up with ice, so if heating isn’t circulating properly throughout your home, consider hopping outdoors and clearing ice from flues and the side of your home. It may not be a pleasant job, but the results could prove rewarding.

When all else fails, don’t wait for problems to get worse. Ber’s offers free diagnostic assistance over the phone and is staffed by office personnel who are all trained technicians. The company offers flat rate, upfront pricing, so the quote you get is the price you’ll pay.

Bryan works to keep his overhead low so he can pass savings on to customers.

You can even contact him directly by emailing brutkosky@bersheating.com. “There’s never a fee to talk with us,” Bryan says. 

Bryan is licensed in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. His company is based out of Brunswick and serves all of Northeast Ohio. Contact Ber’s by phone at 440-845-6887 to schedule a free estimate, and visit them online at www.BersHVAC.com.