Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

by on 01/28/2015 - 04:47 pm

Categories: Building & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

By Monica Guhde

Owner, Guhde Flooring America

Today’s eco-friendly flooring options allow you to have a gorgeous home without walking all over the environment. Eco-friendly floor products include those that are recyclable, and those that are made from either a percentage of recycled materials or a natural, sustainable, or quickly renewable resource.

Many beautiful, durable, and stain-resistant carpets today are made from recycled plastic soda bottles. In fact, every square foot of PET polyester carpet fiber contains the equivalent of five recycled plastic soda bottles.

The Tribor line, from Hearth and Home, is an example of reliable, versatile carpeting made from recycled materials. Incredibly soft, sensible EverStrand polyester fibers are made from PET fibers, with zero virgin petrochemical resources—and they outperform nylon at a lower cost.

Eco-friendly options also are available in hardwood and laminate flooring. Some of those options to consider include cork flooring, which is harvested from the renewable bark of trees—so they are not cut down. Like wood, cork can be finished in a variety of paints and stains to suit any color scheme or design style—and it is very durable.

Bamboo has characteristics similar to hardwood: It is durable, easy to maintain, and is easy to install. Plus, it is sustainable. Bamboo is available in many hues that will work in any setting or decor.

Linoleum is a re-emerging material that many people compare to vinyl. However, the two materials are completely different. Vinyl is a synthetic made of chlorinated petrochemicals. Linoleum is from linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments, and ground limestone.

Glass tiles made from recycled beer and wine bottles can be used on floors as well as walls. Glass is easy to maintain, won’t stain, and it comes in a limitless array of colors and finishes.

Reclaimed hardwood allows you to enjoy handsome wood floors without cutting down more trees. Reclaimed hardwood is made up wood recovered from an old home or other structure that was built in the past and restored for reuse. If you buy new hardwood flooring, be sure to look for the FSC certification. This certification from the Forest Stewardship Council ensures that the wood was harvested using high social and environmental standards.

Eco-friendly flooring options are easy to find at Guhde Flooring America. Simply look for our Green Select products on line or in the store. Green Select is a special designation for products that meet our very high environmental standards.

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