Five Good Reasons To Splurge On Mulch

by on 03/27/2015 - 12:37 pm

Category: Lawn & Garden

By Jeremy Smith

President, Smith Bros. Mulch

We all want our gardens to be lush and verdant without spending a lot of green. But when it comes to laying a foundation for our flower and vegetable beds, scrimping on mulch is no bargain.

Here are five reasons why quality mulch is a good investment:

1. It protects soil and plant roots

High-quality mulch shields the soil from the effects of extreme weather, including heat damage from the sun and heaving from repeated melting and refreezing.

2. It saves money on watering and soil replacement

You will reach for the garden hose less often because premium mulch slows evaporation, which, in turn, keeps the soil moist longer. It also coaxes the soil to stay in place, so it does not wash away, create a mess, and require supplementing with additional soil.

3. It is cleaner

Bargain-priced dyed mulches may be all the rage with homeowners but they are often unsafe. Many contain a hodgepodge of chips created from particles such as wood pallets originating overseas, pressure-treated wood, construction debris, and other refuse. Cheap, dyed mulch often stains wood and sided houses, kills beneficial insects, and draws pests.

4. It is nurturing

Clean mulch, which is free of toxins and dyes, slowly decomposes and adds beneficial nutrients to the soil. Natural wood mulch supports the activity of worms that eat decaying mulch and support more wholesome soil.

5. It smells better

Your garden may be beautiful, but if cheap mulch makes it stink to high Heaven, no one will stay around long enough to sing its praises. So skip the pungent, generic mulches. Instead, spring for premium bagged composting mulch or cedar mulch.

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