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On the Red Carpet at the 2014 Clevela...

by on 04/01/2014 - 12:04 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Home Exteriors, Kitchen & Bath

Our own Chelsey Alltop covered the 2014 Cleveland Choice Awards presented by the HBA of Greater Cleveland last weekend at the Cleveland Convention Center.Watch her red carpet interviews with the nominees and winners.

Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask ...

by on 03/03/2014 - 10:09 am
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Décor & Lighting, Energy Savings, Garage/Basement/Storage, Home Exteriors, Home Technology, Kitchen & Bath, Lawn & Garden, Windows & Doors

We asked some of Cleveland's top home improvement professionals, "What's the number one question you should always ask a contractor?" Here's what they said:

1. How long have you been in business?
2. Are your products energy efficient?
3. How do you communicate during the job?
4 What about clean-up during and after the job?
5 Do you have reviews from other customers?
6 Would you explain your warranty in detail?
7. Who manufactures your products?

And for the rest of the list, we'll leave it to the pros to tell you:

Rocky River Home Remodel Before and A...

by on 02/27/2014 - 01:43 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen and bath remodels are fairly common in the home improvement world.In many cases, homeowners are happy with the general flow of their house, but they'd like to modernize the cabinets and countertops, install some new hardware, or get rid of that wallpaper.What's less common—but very interesting to watch—is a complete demolition and remodel.  Instead of just bringing up-to-date the interior of this Rocky River home, the homeowners also wanted to change the layout entirely.The kitchen felt too cramped, and it was disconnected from the living and dining area, so it became an entryway mud room with tile floors and full-length cabinets.The home was initially designed with ...

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Refinish Kitchen Countertops Instead ...

by on 02/13/2014 - 04:12 pm
Category: Kitchen & Bath

Countertops are an integral part of any kitchen remodel, but replacing them with pricey granite or stone can quickly eat through the entire project budget. It's not just the materials that are expensive, proper installation is an important part of every home improvement project. Additionally, the old countertops need to be removed and disposed of. And what if there's nothing wrong with the existing countertop? Maybe it's just seen better days and could use a makeover.Countertop refinishing is the process of removing the old, exposed layer of countertops, and bonding a new, customized layer in it's place. HGExpo exhibitor Get A Grip Resurfacing offers 30 standard color options that can be app ...

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VIDEO: HGExpo Exhibitors at NARI Home...

by on 02/03/2014 - 11:23 am
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Décor & Lighting, Energy Savings, Garage/Basement/Storage, Home Exteriors, Home Technology, Kitchen & Bath, Lawn & Garden, Windows & Doors

Several exhibitors were featured in the 2014 NARI Home Improvement Show presented by Sherwin-Williams are also exhibitors at HGExpo, Northeast Ohio’s award-winning online home and garden show. 

Bers HVAC, Plumbing, ElectricBooth #: 1275Phone: 330-591-9196Website: www.bersheating.comSince 1993, the full-service HVAC, plumbing, electrical and energy experts at Bers has established a reputation for high-quality workmanship and service. “Our clients never pay a single cent until they are satisfied with the job,” explains owner Bryan Rutkosky. “And we never charge a trip fee.” Cabinets & Granite DirectBooth #: 793Phone: 330-529-5644Website: www.dihus ...

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SEMINAR: Cabinets & Granite Direct Ki...

by on 01/15/2014 - 04:58 pm
Category: Kitchen & Bath

At Cabinets & Granite Direct, the options are endless—and beautiful! Choose from eight different styles of wood cabinets, and 15 different styles of granite. Whether you're searching for a more traditional, classic look, or you prefer a contemporary, modernized style, Cabinets & Granite Direct has something for every taste and budget. With two stunning Showrooms—located in Cleveland and Painesville—you can browse all of the selections available, and start the exciting process of creating your dream kitchen.

Contact Information:Phone Number: 1-888-344-3477
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MEET THE TEAM: Cabinets & Granite Dir...

by on 01/15/2014 - 04:32 pm
Category: Kitchen & Bath

Meet some of the members from the Cabinet & Granite Direct Team, including the Sales Reps & Designers, Stephanie Klasek and Ed Pena; and Sales Manager, Samantha Wolske. Learn more about what you can expect to see at both of the stunning showrooms, and find out some of the common misconceptions that these members hear from customers everyday.

Contact Info: Phone: 1-888-344-3477Get More Information Website:

HGExpo At The Taste Of Hudson

by on 09/09/2013 - 03:31 pm
Categories: Décor & Lighting, Energy Savings, Garage/Basement/Storage, Home Exteriors, Home Technology, Kitchen & Bath, Lawn & Garden

This year was HGExpo's first at the Taste of Hudson culture festival, but it won't be our last. 6 exhibitors joined us in the HGExpo tent with experts from the roofing, outdoor and indoor design, organization, and lighting industries. The annual food, beer, wine, and music festival in Hudson, Ohio has become a local favorite for the Labor Day weekend.Encore GarageHinckley RoofingOutdoor Lighting PerspectivesSolarMax Cabinets & Granite DirectOutdoor Dreamscapes

VIDEO: Meet The Wolff Pack

by on 09/05/2013 - 01:57 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Décor & Lighting, Home Technology, Kitchen & Bath

Wolff Bros. is a family business.  The first showroom was the family farmhouse that had already seen three generations of use. These days, there are fewer cows and chickens and more fasteners and fixtures, but the Wolff crew has worked hard to retain their local, family feel. All the employees might not share the same last name anymore, but with so many sharing decades of experience together, they've become pretty close. A team member enjoying 15 years with the same employer is something to be celebrated.  But at Wolff Bros—it's the norm. Once you're in the Wolff family, you're in for life.

Make an appointment with Wolff Bros. design team and get $25 to the Winking ...

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VIDEO: 1940s Kitchen Remodel

by on 07/22/2013 - 12:15 pm
Categories: Building & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Michele Kvintus, a Rocky River resident, loves her 1940s inspired home, but she was low on space in her kitchen. Michele called Brent Moore at Moore Home Remodeling and together they got to work on a plan.The goal was simple: open up the kitchen and make the family more comfortable in their shared space. New kitchen cabinets were built and installed, along with brand new countertops and flooring. While Michele wanted to modernize the kitchen, she also wanted to preserve the original feel of the kitchen.  Brent and his team found new kitchen cabinets true to the home's historic style, but they used the latest drawer closures, modern cabinet and drawer pulls, and custom paint finishes.See ...

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