Home Care Tips For Weathering The Winter Months

by HGExpo.com on 01/23/2015 - 01:30 pm

Categories: Home Exteriors, Lawn & Garden

By Mary Malik

These long winter months can be tough on your home, yard, and even your mood. The best way to avoid the winter blues is to be prepared. If you’re ready to protect your property from damage and sail through the harsh winter problem free, that better mood will follow. Let’s start outside. Even though your yard may be under a blanket of snow, it’s not too late to follow these helpful winter tips.

If you haven’t already cleared leaves and tree branches, do that now. Once there’s a break in the snow, get rid of the dead limbs and leaves. Heavy snow on weak tree limbs and slippery leaves and debris are hazardous to you and anyone visiting your home. For fragile trees and plants, head to Smith Bros. Mulch in Medina and pick up some stakes and burlap to set up wind screens for these plantings. A woven fabric like burlap allows some air to pass through but not enough to do any damage. Be sure and remove the screens when the weather warms up or your plants will overheat.

Smith Bros. can answer all of your yard care questions, and supply you with firewood or ECO bricks for a cleaner, more eco friendly burn than wood. They also offer firewood blocks. These are squared off smaller pieces of wood from hardwood trees that will burn longer and hotter than regular firewood. If you lose heat, it’s important to have a sufficient supply of wood to burn, and Smith Bros. delivers.

Shovels and snow blowers are a no brainer in Northeast Ohio. Lowes, Home Depot, or your local hardware store will offer a wide selection of all snow removal products. Be sure you’re ready with more than one shovel and enlist the kids for some help.

While you’re out, pick up a few bags of rock salt at Smith Bros. for the driveway and walkways surrounding your home. Just throw some down after you’ve removed the snow. The delivery people will thank you. Non-toxic ice melters are also available and are less irritating to your pets.

And speaking of your pets and animals, don’t forget about them in these winter months. Smith Bros. offers a wide range of animal bedding and will answer questions about how to keep your outdoor animals safe and warm throughout the winter.

Whether inside your home or outside, any problems you see should be dealt with immediately. Don’t wait until spring. A small issue now may be a big one in a couple of months.

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