How Do Consignment Shops Work?

by on 03/23/2015 - 12:24 pm

Category: Décor & Lighting

By Susan Brown

Owner, Consign Home Couture

Nothing turns a house into a home like specialty furnishings that create personal touches. Unfortunately, nothing breaks a budget like specialty furnishings that create personal touches. One solution at your fingertips is to try consigning.

A consignment boutique takes in trendy, underutilized furnishings and décor from clients and makes those items available to the marketplace. The shops are run by entrepreneurs with a disposition for outstanding customer service, so they broker top quality merchandise that is both appealing as well as competitively priced to sell. As a result, these boutiques bring to customers a terrific variety that you might not easily come across in mainstream retail stores.

That kind of variety helps customers create, for example, a signature feel for a room or an entire home—without breaking the bank. Customers benefit from a lamp that comes from here and a dining set that comes from there to create a spectacular and sophisticated look. But it would be a shame to limit your consignment experience to buying only. Clear off those shelves, clean out those closets, find a great home for those furnishings that you once loved and consign. The process is easy.

Make a relationship with a local consignment shop to understand its policies. Generally speaking, the consignee never takes ownership of the merchandise but acts as an agent. You agree, in writing, that your merchandise will be positioned in the boutique where it is exposed to foot traffic and, when purchased, you receive about 50% of the sticker price of your item.

It is standard to drop your items for a 30- or 60-day cycle. If your item does not sell, the consignor will typically discount the product. Keep in mind that if your goods are high-end brands they stand a good chance of finding a buyer.

The market’s attitude toward consignment shopping has evolved over the last decade, with more than 30,000 resale and consignment shops operating across the country. According to the National Association of Resale Professionals (NARP), the consignment business is a multibillion-dollar per year industry.

The sales model has become tech-savvy, nuanced, and sophisticated. Boutiques understand better than ever what makes a product pop and what vibe a customer finds inviting—and that resonates with buyers.

That price, quality, variety, and affinity to serve a customer well often keeps people coming back for more.

Consign Home Couture is a Northeast Ohio source for new and pre-owned furniture and accessories, located at 27115 East Oviatt Road in Bay Village. You can call them at 440-499-5040.