How to Buy Flooring on a Budget

by on 07/01/2015 - 04:47 pm

Categories: D├ęcor & Lighting, Kitchen & Bath

Monica Guhde and Shawn Rosa know what homeowners are thinking about when they walk into the Guhde Flooring America showroom—money.

Everyone wants to get a good deal, and for good reason, flooring is often the third most expensive purchase a homeowner makes. When shopping for flooring, it’s important that somewhere along the buying process, there’s an expert in your corner explaining the important differences in features, quality, and price.

No matter where you shop, there will be laminate options under $1 per square foot, and hardwood options over $10 per square foot. Finding the sweet spot for you and your budget is the tricky part, and it’s easy to be convinced by high-pressure sales tactics and misleading prices.

That’s why Guhde Flooring America doesn’t do any of that. All of Guhde’s offerings are visible on their racks, with the full range of prices clearly listed. Deciding between ceramic and porcelain tile or solid and engineered hardwood is tough choice with help, the Guhde family doesn’t see any reason to make it more difficult.

Monica Guhde and Shawn Rosa explain their commission-free approach to flooring sales.