How To Buy Replacement Windows

by on 10/24/2013 - 11:26 am

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By Universal Windows

living room with bay windows

Turning the home you have into the home you want to have should be more of a marathon and less of a sprint. Tackling each home improvement project individually is much more manageable than trying to fix everything at once. And sometimes these individual projects need to be broken down further to accommodate your budget and time.

Replacement windows are a perfect example of this principle. Anyone who's looked into swapping out an entire home's windows at once knows it's a sizable investment.

So many of us move to the bit-by-bit approach to home improvement. Maybe you need to replace 10 windows but want to start with just three or four.

How do you decide which windows to replace first?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Consistency In Appearance
Perhaps the obvious answer is to replace one section of windows completely before moving on. 

You can choose a section of windows based on the interior of your home (for example, all of your living room windows) or based on the exterior of your home (for example, all of your street-facing windows).
Differences between windows are probably most noticeable from the inside of your home. You’re usually closer to the window and spend more time inside. So you may want to opt for a group of windows in one room or on one floor, first.

However, if your replacement windows have more differences from the outside (for instance, if your replacement windows have a different exterior color than your old windows), you may want to consider basing your first bite into window replacement on the exterior of your home.
It's important to remember that homes have windows not because they have to, but because we, as occupants, enjoy them.
If your favorite chair, or the place you curl up with your favorite book, is situated squarely in front of a drafty window, it's absolutely fair to throw aesthetics to the wind (or out the window, in this case) and make an investment in your own comfort.
Energy Efficiency
While there may be quicker or cheaper ways of tightening up a home and lowering energy bills, you can get better energy efficiency in your home with better windows. If saving money on heating and air conditioning is at the top of your mind, you can decide to replace windows based on which ones have the least energy efficiency.

Two seemingly identical windows—installed by the same person at the same time—can behave very differently when it comes to energy efficiency. There are a number of factors at play here, but an important one to consider is which way the window faces.

Windows with lots of direct sunlight (that can cause a barrage of constantly freezing and melting sleet in December, and then direct heat in August) can damage mechanically fastened joints, and may need to be replaced sooner.