How To Increase Your Usable Home Space

by on 01/15/2015 - 04:59 pm

Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

By Mike Padden

Owner, EncoreGarage of Ohio

Watching a ball game in your garage while dining on pizza and wings, hosting a ladies-only party with martinis and local crafters, or doing whatever else entertains you is possible because of the extended space created by the FlexCore Floor Coating system, which makes garage space more usable.

FlexCore makes the garage an extension of your home, and perhaps even the main entrance to your home. Besides making your garage look more appealing by eliminating ugly cracks and pits, it’s also resistant to stains and repels substances like oil, gas, paint, dirt, and road salt.

Even when it gets wet, FlexCore Floor Coating is slip resistant. It’s also three to four times harder than traditional materials, so it won’t peel, chip, or blister. It’s even rated for commercial use.

When you have concrete floors that are deteriorating, the breakdown just gets worse over time. FlexCore protects concrete by stopping the deterioration process. In addition, cleaning a floor coated with FlexCore is a breeze. You simply spray it down with a hose and your flooring will look new again.

FlexCore finishes are customizable, with an extensive color palette available for consumers to choose from. FlexCore finishing sets in just one to two days, making it a quick and easy solution.

This year, think outside of the box and consider giving the gift of a FlexCore floor, which will last for many years to come and add value and marketability to any home.

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