How To Properly Prepare Your Garage For Winter

by on 01/15/2015 - 11:29 am

Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

By Chad Gleske

Co-owner, Ohio Garage Interiors

While many homeowners prepare for the winter by getting their furnaces cleaned and checked, they often neglect the garage—which usually is the largest space in the house.

To best prepare your garage for the harshness of winter, it takes more than just winterizing items you store inside. Sure, adding fuel stabilizer to your lawn mower is good, but only a starting point for readying for winter.

Fix or replace weather-stripping

Just like you fix drafty windows and doors in your home, your garage also benefits from a tight seal. As weather-stripping gets old and becomes brittle, air leaks inside the garage. Replace the weather-stripping for an airtight seal year-round.

Install a unit heater in your garage

While installing new weather-stripping and keeping your garage door shut in the winter will help keep the cold air outside, it will not heat up the room. So if you spend time in your garage in the winter, consider a garage heater. They come in a variety of gas and electric options.

Clean and de-clutter

As the outside temperature turns brisk, a warm corner in your garage can serve as a cozy winter home for mice and other unwanted pests, so keep the floors clean of trash and crumbs. And make sure you de-clutter and organize your garage using off-the-ground cabinets and storage solutions.

Organize your stuff

Wall-mounted cabinets allow you to store and protect items from moisture and nestling pests. If you don’t have room for cabinets, installing a slat wall will not only provide storage for summer items like lawn chairs and scooters, it will also offer the convenience of putting your skis and sleds within easy reach during the winter. Plus, items you store on the garage floor during the summer that you don’t need now, such as lawn tools and seasonal gear, can be stored on wall hangers or in overhead storage systems to free up more space.

Coat your floor

Floor coatings protect against the extreme temperatures associated with garage environments, and they are slip resistant—making them ideal for the snowy, wet, and slippery months of winter. UV stable, environmentally friendly, and available in hundreds of colors, hybrid polymer coatings are extremely durable. They can be installed down to freezing temperatures, so you can reap all the benefits of garage floor coatings now.

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