How To Spruce Up That Room, For Less

by on 04/03/2015 - 11:31 am

Category: D├ęcor & Lighting

By Susan Brown

Owner, Consign Home Couture

Is your home looking tired but you don’t know how to resuscitate your décor? Here are my tips for taking any room from uninspired to unbelievably beautiful. Best of all, most of these ideas can be accomplished on even the most modest of budgets.

Pick up a paintbrush

Especially if your rooms are small, opt for a neutral palette—such as beige or gray—to create the illusion of space. If decorating connected rooms, paint one room a shade or two darker or lighter than the other room; this suggests continuity while still defining separate spaces. Unassuming colors allow you to change accessories seasonally or whenever the mood strikes—without compromising your design. If you truly love vibrant colors, consider painting a feature wall instead of the entire room.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of space. Mount mirrors over mantels, behind couches, or beside dining room tables. Avoid placing mirrors directly across from windows.

Get artsy

Be sure paintings, photographs, and tapestries fit the scale of your room and are hung at eye level. Small art on oversize walls—or paintings hung so high guests must crane their necks to view them—are a no-no.

Arrange furniture and area rugs

All four feet of your couches and chairs should fit on the rug. Arrange furniture in U or H shapes to encourage conversation rather than around the room’s perimeter.

Mix it up

Don’t get too matchy. Mix patterns, textures, shapes, and even colors. Yes, you can place striped pillows on a floral couch if the colors complement each other. Likewise, if your room is predominantly gold and maroon but you fall in love with a cobalt blue piece of pottery, go for it.

Think three

Arrange vases, photos, art, books, and other tchotchkes in groups of three—or another odd number. To increase visual interest, mix tall and short items as well as slender and wider ones.

Mind your budget

Consignment shopping is a perfect way to stretch your decorating dollars. You are likely to find higher-end items at affordable prices. A few well-chosen mirrors, lamps, or pieces of furniture may be all you need to boost your home’s appeal.

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