Keep Winter From Ruining Your Driveway

by on 01/15/2015 - 04:10 pm

Category: Home Exteriors

By Michael Palubiak

Owner, Perfect Power Wash

We’re all familiar with the violent clunk we feel when we hit a pothole in the road. That pothole is the result of an annual process: Water seeps into the cracks in the road, freezes and thaws, expands and contracts, chipping away at the surface. Add salt to the mix and you end up with crumbling cracks and craters.

On a smaller, but more personal scale, the same thing happens to your driveway. Because the surface of your driveway is hard, you may not think of it as porous. But it is. When it rains or snows, moisture is constantly filling the tiny pores in your driveway and sidewalks. The freezing and thawing beneath the surface slowly causes the concrete to chip, pit, and deteriorate.

There are few things that can make a home look terrible like a stained, cracked driveway, and installing a new one is an expensive proposition. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean and seal your driveway and sidewalks before the snow and icy rain get the opportunity to penetrate its surface.

A proper driveway protection and restoration process starts with a high-pressure surface cleaning with 200-degree water. That will remove dirt and most impurities, like oil stains. The longer oil and other fluids have to seep into the surface the harder they are to remove. Since stains can be absorbed as deep as an inch into the concrete, at some point they will become permanent. That’s why you want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

After a thorough steam cleaning, a membrane sealant should be applied. Done properly, that sealant will protect your driveway for up to five years, depending on the condition of the surface. Once the sealant is applied, the concrete will be protected like the surface of a newly waxed car. Water will bead up and oil can easily be hosed off.

With proper winter preparation, the spring thaw will expose a beautiful concrete surface, free of ugly and destructive blemishes.

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