Keeping Pests And Water Out Of Your Garage

by on 09/10/2014 - 02:39 pm

By Scott Gleske, Owner

Ohio Garage Interiors

Your home is most likely the last place you’ll ever want to see pests and leaking water. Your garage may be the next most unwelcome location—especially if it is attached to your home. Like people, pests like to eat, and they like to be comfortable. As the outside temperature begins to fall, a nice, warm corner in your garage can serve as a cozy winter home for mice and other unwanted guests. Available trash or tiny food scraps are a nice bonus for intruders.

Here are some tips on how to keep pests out of your garage, and some ways to keep water from leaking in.


1. The smell of food is like a restaurant ad for critters. If you need to store kitchen trash in the garage, be sure it is in garbage containers with tightly sealed lids.

2. Clean your garage floor often. Cookie crumbs and other remnants are easy pickins for insects and other pests. Ground clutter gives them lots of places to hide.

3. Keep garage doors closed when nobody is going in or out. Well-sealed doors and windows make it more difficult for pests to get in. You might also want to inspect your walls—especially near the floor. Pests don’t need much of an opening, so be sure to seal any tiny cracks or openings.

4. Once pests have taken residence, you may want to use child- and pet-safe repellents or insect killers, or devices like mousetraps, to eliminate them. More difficult cases may require the services of a professional exterminator.

5. De-clutter and organize your garage using off-the-ground cabinets and storage solutions. Water and moist materials like wood and corrugated boxes attract some pests, some of which can cause considerable damage to your structure. It is best to keep water from seeping in through cracks or improperly sealed doors.


1. Worn weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door can allow rain to trickle in, especially during a heavy downpour. You may want to close large gaps between the garage door and the floor with a threshold seal available at a home improvement store.

2. Inspect to be sure that no water is accumulating or causing wall damage in unseen areas, such as behind shelves. Removing clutter lets you keep a better eye on potential trouble areas.

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