Achieve The Look of Wood Without Maintenance With ProVia

by on 09/25/2013 - 04:58 pm

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ProVia, an Ohio-based company, are industry favorites for their premium, customizable, lifetime warrantied doors, and our HGExpo team spent the afternoon with ProVia dealer and Middlefield Windows and Doors manager Rick Glembocki.

When I asked Rick if a dark mahogany entry door with customized glass was ProVia’s top-of-the-line product, his response was, “It’s ProVia, it’s all top-of-the-line.”
Middlefield Windows & Doors is one of only a couple Northeast Ohio companies that carry ProVia products.
According to Rick, there are really two things that separate these doors from the competition: durability and customization.
Rick explained that, traditionally, wood entry doors require extra maintenance due to their biological makeup. Typically, there are three responses to this quandary. First, abandon the “wood look” altogether and go with a steel door. Second, invest in a thick, quality wood door and take the appropriate steps throughout its life to protect it.

Or—and this was the one the really impressed us—buy a fiberglass door that looks and feels like the real thing.

wood or fiberglass doorwood or fiberglass door















wood or fiberglass doorwood or fiberglass door




















 Only one of these doors is real wood.


Quality was a recurring them in the Middlefield showroom—and the other theme was weight.  These ProVia doors are heavy.

I remember throwing open storm doors with one hand when I was a kid; I’m now a grown man and was not able to produce a similar result with the ProVia storm doors. Rick described the model I was looking at as a “monster.”
But well-crafted, heavy doors don’t mean much if they don’t look good on your house, though. That’s why customization is so important. Each door is made to order based on the client’s choice of style, finish, glass size and shape, and hardware. There’s no warehouse of doors waiting around to be sold, because they don’t exist before the order is finalized.

To ensure that the finished product looks the same in the client’s head as it does on the front of their home, Rick uses a computer program that creates a digital rendition of the custom-made door.
Rick shared a lot more info than I can fit in a short blog post. Visit his HGExpo exhibit, to set up an appointment at his place or yours.

(The first picture is the only door made of real wood.)