Must-Know Fence Installation Tips

by on 07/17/2014 - 03:29 pm

By Joe DeSouza
Fence and Deck Direct

Warm weather is slowly moving into Northeast Ohio, and that means it's time to get outside. Early spring is an ideal time to get those gardening, landscaping, and outdoor maintenance projects knocked out. Most professionals recommend doing the big outdoor chores now because you'll miss the oppressive heat of late summer, the ground is soft enough to work with, and you'll have 4-5 months of pleasant weather to be outside with your handiwork.

Installing fencing is a good beginner-intermediate level project that adds intimacy and shape to an outdoor space. Whether you're using a professional fence installation contractor, or going to the DIY route, there's some things you need to know before getting started.

If you are installing a fence yourself, here are six handy tips to consider before starting your project:

• Be sure to get a permit from your city.
• Find your property line pins or markers before starting.
• Never attach your fence to your neighbor's fence.
• If possible, work with dry ground.
• Ensure the posts go in the ground at half the height of the fence.
        • For example, a 6-foot high fence should have posts 3 feet in the ground.
• Fill each hole with concrete—mixed not dry—all the way to the top of the hole.
• Call the 811 line before the dig begins to mark all underground lines.

And if you're using a contractor, here's what you should expect from a reputable one. The contractor should always:

• Be responsible for all of the above tips! Including:
       • Applying for and be responsible for getting the permit from your city.
       • Finding the property line pins or markers.
       • Ensuring the posts go in the ground at half the height of the fence.
       • Marking and avoiding underground lines.
• Be registered in your city and show you dated paperwork.
• Be insured and show you dated paperwork.
• Clean up post hole dirt around every hole.
• Follow proper procedure to prevent post heaving.

Joe DeSouza is the owner of Fence and Deck Direct, a factory-to-consumer supplier of vinyl and aluminum outdoor products for professional contractors and weekend warriors. For more information, make an appointment or call 440-753-6295.