Parts Of A Window 101

by on 02/15/2018 - 12:21 pm

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Parts of a Window

Frame: The combination of the side jambs, head jamb, and sill that forms the rectangular support structure surrounding the window opening.

The bar(s) that separates two panes of glass on a sash. Typically, grilles are arranged in a grid pattern.

Head Jamb:
Sometimes just called the head, this is the horizontal piece that forms the top of the window frame.

Lock Mechanism:
A small, metal piece of hardware that prevents the window from being opened. Most commonly this is a small hook that, when rotated, connects the lower sash to the upper sash.

Lower Sash:
The bottom division of the window that rests on the sill and slides up.

The smalles subdivision of glass in a window that is divided by grilles.

The combined assembly of panes and grilles that is able to move as one piece.

Side Jamb: Framework that runs along the left and right sides of the window. The side jambs are where the tracks that allow the window to slide up and down are housed.

The bottommost piece of the frame that the lower sash rests on.

Upper Sash:
The top window division that slides down in a double-hung window.