Take Your Lifestyle Into The Garage

by HGExpo.com on 09/16/2015 - 09:45 am

Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

By Chad Glaske

Owner, Ohio Garage Interiors

You’ve probably been through the drill. A simple household repair that should take 10 minutes can turn into a stressful afternoon project because you can’t find a simple screwdriver in your cluttered garage. Disorganization doesn’t just look horrible—it can ruin your day.

The first step toward getting your garage organized might be the installation of handy shelves, cupboards, and other storage accessories—like overhead bicycle hangers—that will help you keep everything in its proper place and easy to access.

Custom designed garage cabinets and shelves can be installed to match your lifestyle. If you have children, you may want to consider storage containers to hold toys and sports accessories. After all, who wants to have to get out of their car on a rainy day to remove a runaway soccer ball from their car’s path?

Gardeners may require lots of water resistant shelf space to accommodate dripping clay planters.

Professionals on the go may find it convenient to have a small desk in the garage, near the entrance into the home, to serve as a kind of a drop zone for keys and other items they want to remember next time they leave the house in a hurry.

The options are endless. Garage storage systems are available in a dazzling array of products, styles, and colors. They may be ruggedly designed for the garage, but their sleek European styling makes them handsome enough to install inside the house. That’s because, as the largest room in your home, garages are being used more than ever to host parties. And, often being the most frequently used entrance to your house, you can be proud to bring your guests in through a sharply appointed garage. It’s so nice to pull the car in and see nothing but stylish, clean cabinets.

Many homeowners are so elated with the clean and orderly appearance of their garage storage systems that they choose to supplement them with an attractive, easy-to-maintain polyaspartic floor coating.

To get a no-cost consultation on storage systems to organize your garage, you can call Ohio Garage Interiors, at 440-550-4146.