Taking Your Time Back: A Sliding Glass Door With A Pet Door Built Right In

by HGExpo.com on 05/02/2014 - 01:55 pm

Category: Windows & Doors

By: Andy Wimsatt
Division Manager, Champion Windows

How much time you spend letting your pet outside, then back in again, then back out again, then back in?

Thanks to a new innovation at Champion Windows, you can give yourself, and your pet, some freedom by having a pet door installed in your new sliding glass patio door. That’s right, in your glass patio door.

Champion Window’s
pet doors are installed as part of the complete manufacturing process, not as an addition to an existing door. Most pet doors come as separate attachment units and require the existing door to be partially open, making poor energy efficiency, weather, debris, and unwanted pests all potential problems. But a Champion sliding door eliminates all of these issues.

Champion pet doors are built directly into the sliding glass door unit, so cutting holes in your walls or entry doors is no longer necessary. Pets are easily trained in minutes to open the door simply by pushing on the PVC vinyl flap. There are no screws to harm the pets and doors contain a GE Lexan security cover—complete with a locking mechanism—to secure the door closed when not in use. Magnets keep the door closed and safeguard your home against wind, weather, or insect intrusion.

If you think Fido is too big, or Tinkerbell too small, think again. Pet doors are custom built for the size of your pet. After a brief training period, your pet will be using its new door with ease. A small unit can also be attached to the pet collar that allows the door to automatically open and close when your pet approaches. This allows complete freedom for a pet of any size to move safely in and out of your home.

This safe and high-efficiency pet door promises less stress for you—and your pet.  Here's how it works:

Andy Wimsatt is a Division Manager at Champion Windows in Westlake. For 53 years, Champion has been providing homeowners with windows, entry doors, siding, sunrooms, and roofs. There are 83 locations nationwide. For more information visit Champion online at www.ChampionWindows.com.