The Advantages Of Choosing A Professional

by on 05/26/2015 - 04:06 pm

Category: Garage/Basement/Storage

Ohio Garage Interiors (OGI) recently tackled a 1,000 square foot garage enhancement project in Avon, Ohio. The OGI process isn't a secret. In fact, there are DIY versions of garage floor coatings and garage cabinetry readily available at most home supply stores. What makes OGI unique is their equipment and their expertise.

The Equipment

When applying a garage floor coating, preparing the surface to receive the base coat is more than half the battle. The floor needs to be cleaned and then abraded. This increases porousness, which in turn increases the base coat's ability to bind to the floor. This is most commonly achieved through acid etching, whereby a strong acid eats away the top layer of your concrete floor. The acid must then be thoroughly and aggressively removed before the next step beings. Unfortunately for DIYers, acid etching is a finicky process that can be made less efficient by the volatile weather and moisture of Northeast Ohio. Even under ideal conditions, acid etching simply isn't as effective as mechanical abrasion.

That's why Ohio Garage Interiors doesn't use acid etching, they use a diamond-tooled grinder that reliably, and completely removes the top layer of the existing floor. No inconsistencies, no strong acids. For most DIYers, diamond tools aren't an option. The rental would quickly eat away at the budget of what was supposed to be a quick weekend project, and this is just the prep work.

The Expertise

There are probably a million ways to arrive at a finished garage, but Ohio Garage Interiors has the experience and design know-how to ensure it's the garage you actually want.

For instance, the application of the epoxy base coat could be as simple as using a roller like a paintbrush. But that's not how OGI does it. Instead, they flood the floor with the epoxy coating, using a squeegee to ensure even coverage. Remember, the goal of the first half of the day was to make a porous floor that could eat up as much floor coating as possible. There's no point in being stingy with it.

Ohio Garage makes garages beautiful, useful spaces. They've become masters at hiding ugly trash cans and storing the family bikes. You can take the pickup to buy garage cabinetry at a big-box store, but what are you going to do with it once you get home?