The Spring Cleaning Checklist

by on 04/21/2015 - 01:07 pm

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By Susan Brown

Owner, Consign Home Couture

After spending a brutal winter indoors, it is amazing how much clutter has accumulated in our homes. That’s why, for many people, budding daffodils and chirping birds signal the start of spring cleaning. Before attacking heavy-duty tasks like scrubbing baseboards, washing windows, and airing out curtains, it is important to purge your home of unwanted objects and materials.

Here are tried-and-true methods for streamlining what may seem like an overwhelming task:

Start small

If you try to organize the entire house in one marathon session, you may give up without accomplishing much. Instead, make a plan that breaks your mission into manageable tasks: Commit to decluttering one room—or even one drawer or cupboard—every day. Or, depending on your schedule, devote 15 minutes daily or three hours weekly to whittling down possessions and organizing displaced items.

Employ the four-box method

Or, more accurately, gather three boxes and a large garbage can. Label the boxes, “Put Away,” “Give Away/Sell,” and “Storage.” Sort possessions into these boxes, then follow through on each label’s instructions. If something does not fit into one of these categories, pitch it.

Contain loose papers

Open mail over the recycling bin and immediately discard credit-card offers and unwanted coupons. Invest in three-ring binders outfitted with reinforced pockets to store takeout menus, manuals, and warranties.


Now that you have gotten rid of unwanted papers, toys, clothes, and personal items, turn your attention to home furnishings. The living room couch is in great condition but doesn’t fit your design aesthetic anymore? Your husband really hates the antique lamp in the bedroom? Consignment is the perfect way to declutter high-end furniture and appointments—and turn a profit. Best of all, consignment opens space in your home for new furnishings—maybe from other consignors—without the hassle of placing ads, fielding phone calls, allowing strangers into your home, or haggling over price. Always take high-end items to a reputable consignment shop that specializes in fine furnishings, like Consign Home Couture.

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