Tips to Consider Before Buying a Home on a Golf Course

by on 05/14/2014 - 03:24 pm

By Jonathan Palmer
Mallard's Edge

Golf course living is beloved by many homeowners for its pristine landscaping, beautiful views, and close proximity to a favorite hobby. But do some homework about your potential parcel, home, and the course—before signing the papers or buying that golf cart.

Here are some tips to consider before purchasing a home near a golf course:

1) Know the Building Materials

Talk to the builder or the Realtor about the materials used to construct the home.  Are they impact-resistant?  Is there a new warranty (or a transferable one) on the siding or windows, and what's covered in it?  You can't buy a house built with cheap materials and expect nothing to break or dent.

2) Know the Location of the Closest Tee Box

As a golf course manager, I can tell you that most novice players have one habit in common: slicing the ball.  And since the majority of golfers play right-handed, that means 100-200 yards to the right of the closest tee box may be an unintended target.  And your home could get hit with golf balls—a lot.

If the parcel you're considering is behind the nearest tee box, you're in luck.  Your home may not be in the direct line of golf ball fire.

3) Ask about Course Maintenance

Be sure to ask when mowing is typically scheduled.  If 6:00 a.m. is the typical maintenance time, for instance, you may want to consider a home farther away from the green.

It can also be helpful to visit the property during different times during the day to check the noise levels.  Don't go at the same time each time you look at the house or property.

4) Plan Your Backyard Landscaping Thoughtfully

Many homeowners who live on golf courses say they choose the home because of the fabulous golf course views. Plus, you're almost guaranteed that the lush scenery or open space behind your home won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

But a few words of caution, if you're within 300 yards of the course, you may want to avoid garden sculptures (or at least expensive ones).  Don't put anything in your backyard that would be broken or badly damaged by a poorly hit ball.

Also consider some strategically placed trees by your property's edge that give you some privacy from golfers—and barriers for their golf balls—while still maintaining your view of the course.

Jonathan Palmer is the general manager at Mallard's Creek Golf Course, which now offers a new community development dubbed Mallard's Edge, located off Royalton Road in Eaton Township.  For more information or to set up a showing, please connect with Jonathan or Mike Jennings at 440 655 4426 or e-mail