To Buy Or To Build?

by on 08/21/2015 - 01:04 pm

Categories: Building & Remodeling, Home Exteriors

By Jonathan Palmer

Owner/Operations Manager, Mallard's Edge

If “home is where the heart is,” shouldn’t you live in a home you love?

Old homes can be charming with their wood finishes, plaster walls, exposed brick, pocket doors, and quirky rooms. Yet problems can sometimes hide under those pretty surfaces—asbestos, lead paint, faulty wiring, insect/rodent damage, and more.

How can you ensure the home you live in is built to last and will meet your family’s needs far into the future? The answer is to build your next home from the ground up.

By working with a knowledgeable contractor you trust, you can create the home of your dreams and, more importantly, have a safe home that meets the standards of today’s building codes.

Watch any house hunting show and you know what newly built homes can offer—large kitchen islands with stone countertops that serve as hubs for entertaining, open floor plans that allow for endless furniture configurations, large family rooms and dining spaces that offer enough seating for guests, and attached two-car garages that are a must-have in our unpredictable Ohio weather.

A custom-built house allows your home to be as unique as you and your family. If your family is environmentally focused and wants only “green” products, your contractor can assist you in choosing those finishes. If you prefer hardwood floors instead of carpeting, it’s a simple request. Do you want a chef’s kitchen or is your idea of cooking limited to warming entrees in a microwave?

Not only can the inside of the home reflect your wants and needs, but the outside can as well. Are you an avid gardener or would you prefer some simple greenery that needs little maintenance? Would you like a sprinkler system installed or is hand watering a job that you don’t mind?

Regardless of your likes and interests, your trusted contractor can assist you in designing the home of your dreams.

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