Top Exhibitors at the Akron Home & Flower Show (VIDEO)

Check out these interviews with top contractors at this year's 19th annual Akron HBA Home & Flower Show—including EncoreGarage, WeatherSeal, WeatherKing, Wolff Bros Supply and SolarMax. Take a virtual tour through their stunning exhibits and learn about the different products and services offered within each of these businesses. Find out how you can update your home's exterior with WeatherSeal, discover the latest supplies at Wolff Bros Supply, or go green and reduce your energy bills with solar panels by SolarMax.


Contact Info:
Phone Number: 330-920-4494
View WeatherSeal Exhibit

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Phone Number: 330-725-3451
View Wollf Bros Supply Exhibit


Contact Info:
Phone Number: 330-908-0281
View WeatherKing Exhibit

Contact Info:
Phone Number: 330-922-4411
View Encore Garage Exhibit