Troubleshooting Vinyl Window Frames and Sashes

by on 10/14/2013 - 03:31 pm

Category: Windows & Doors

We've touched on it before, but it bears repeating—windows, and the openings that surround them, are responsible for a large portion of energy loss in most homes. That's why Champion Windows of Cleveland have developed vinyl frames and sashes that keep the good air in, and the bad air out.

According to Champion Division Manager Andy Wimsatt, materials matter. And that's why Champion vinyl windows are made exclusively from first generation, or "virgin" vinyl. This means no recycled plastics (which become weaker every time they're reused) or ground materials are mixed in during the manufacturing process. What results are pure, homogenous vinyl frames and sashes with bolder colors, resistance to UV radiation, and more complete structural integrity.

Second, Andy explains, the windows borrow technology more traditionally associated with the kitchen. The frames and sashes are insulated with the same foam that's found inside refrigerator doors.

Finally, when the frames and sashes are assembled they're fused together with a combination of heat and pressure. This creates an airtight bond that can't be simply pulled or twisted apart. The standard method of mechanically attaching composite sections of the sash with screws or glue may look secure initially, but the wear and tear of alternating hot and cold will ultimately pull the pieces apart, resulting in an air leak.

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