Unique Gifts from the Garden Center

by HGExpo.com on 01/15/2015 - 10:00 am

Category: Lawn & Garden

By Mary Malik


I drove around town in my holiday haze, 

Like a runaway Santa, avoiding the craze.

Into Smith Brothers Mulch I stopped to switch gears, 

For a quick blast of spring to get me through 'til next year.

Okay, I promise to stop rhyming. But I will tell you about all of the great gift ideas I found at Smith Brothers. As I wandered through the vast selection of garden accessories, holiday plants, and decorative home and garden displays, I knew this was the place to complete my holiday shopping. The possibilities are endless, but I've narrowed it down five, just what I needed to finish my list.

Number one is just right for so many family members and friends. Picture frames make a great gift, and these are made of wood and silver, and they come in all sizes. Some are etched with inspirational sayings and others unique borders. It's a great way to decorate and preserve family memories at the same time.Fairy Gardens Smith Bros

Second on my list has to be the whimsical fairy gardens. They're fun to look at, perfect for any age, and great for getting the little ones started on gardening. There's even a class you can take at Smith Brothers to learn how to create your own personal fairy garden.

As I searched for a third gift, I noticed the succulent plantings and how beautiful they look this time of the year. The staff at Smith Brothers tells me they make the perfect gift for the reluctant gardener, or maybe a beginner. They are easy to care for, brighten the room, and you can create your own terrarium, adding personal touches for that special someone and making an impressive gift presentation.

Smith Brothers offers a large selection of garden accessories that make number four on my list. Everything from patio pots and engraved garden stones, to plant and vegetable supports and colorful garden flags are available. These are the extras that make the perfect gifts for the avid gardener, or for someone who just appreciates pretty plants and flowers to decorate an outdoor setting.

Number five is another gift fit for all ages. How about flower and vegetable seeds? You can get them started indoors in pots, and then replant them outside when the weather is warm. It's a great way to get the whole family involved and excited about gardening.

Well, I finished my list, my shopping's all done,

I can't resist a rhyme though, one more before I run.
I found the perfect place to make my shopping stress free,

Thank you, Smith Brothers Mulch, and Happy Holidays to me. 

Smith Brothers Inc. offers mulch and landscaping services at four locations:
3087 Marks Road, in Medina. Call 330-723-5556 or 800-729-5751.
1285 N Cleveland Massillon Road, in Akron. Call 330-665-3448.
You can find more information at SmithBrosMulch.com. Montville and Holmesville locations, closed for the season.