VIDEO: Take Champion Window's Comfort Seal Challenge

by on 12/10/2013 - 03:15 pm

Category: Windows & Doors

Ever feel a draft when you walk past a window? That's probably a sign that the window—or the opening it sits in—isn't airtight. (Or the window is just open or unlocked, but that's a pretty easy fix.)

No homeowner likes spending money on new replacement windows every couple years, so window longevity has become a valuable trait. Homes aren't static structures though. If new windows aren't properly installed and custom-fitted gaps can form between the window and the opening that compromises the air seal.

That's why Champion Windows developed their Comfort Seal Foam, an expandable, waterproof, airtight barrier between Northeast Ohio air and your living room.

And they can prove it. Champion offers all visitors to their Westlake showroom the opportunity to take the "Comfort Seal Challenge." See for yourself how the Comfort Seal Foam stacks up against more conventional fiberglass insulation.

Hint: The foam wins.

To take the Comfort Seal Challenge in person, make an appointment with Andy and his crew.

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