What Mulch Color Are You?

by HGExpo.com on 07/17/2014 - 11:55 am

Category: Lawn & Garden

Buying mulch may seem like a tedious landscaping task rather than an exciting home purchase. But fear not. It’s about to get fun.

With a variety of colors and textures, mulch can showcase your landscaping—and your personality.

Discover which mulch color best complements you and your home this summer, with our mulch color personality quiz:

1.    You would describe yourself as:
       A) Classic
       B) Adventurous
       C) Natural
       D) Quirky

2.    How would you describe your home décor?
       A) Timeless design
       B) Statement pieces
       C) Clean and simple
       D) Eclectic—a little bit of everything

3.     What color do you usually include in your wardrobe?
        A) Black, it goes with anything
        B) Bright, vibrant, bold colors that make a statement
        C) Neutrals—beige, brown, and easy to match earthy tones
        D) Metallic!  I love flair
4.     What do you look for when it comes to mulch?
        A) Mulch is the backdrop that makes my landscaping really pop
        B) Mulch should be a design statement that stands alone
        C) Mulch should be functional and just blend in
        D) Mulch is something special to add to my garden

5.     What vacation activity would you enjoy the most?
        A) A beach day with some sunbathing and swimming
        B) Zip-lining or cliff diving
        C) Reading a favorite book, enjoying the scenery
        D) A night out on the town with drinks and dancing

Mostly A’s: You got black mulch. You appreciate the timeless and classic features in life, and the same goes for your home and garden. Black mulch is the perfect color if you’re looking for something that will stand out and make your plants pop.

Black Mulch Photo

Mostly B’s: You got red mulch. Your friends would describe you as bold, exciting, and adventurous. You want your landscaping to be vibrant—and red mulch will do the trick.

Red Mulch Photo

Mostly C’s: You got brown mulch. You’re more interested in keeping your home and garden on the natural side. Earthy tones, like brown mulch, will compliment any landscaping choices.

Brown Mulch Photo

Mostly D’s: You got gold mulch. You love to bring excitement into your life, so why shouldn’t your mulch be the same way? Gold mulch will bring your landscaping to another level.

Gold Mulch Photo

Whether you’re looking to add flair or keep your landscaping more natural, local mulch producer Smith Brothers Mulch in Medina carries these four colors in its TimberRidge line.