What Scent Are You?

by HGExpo.com on 11/03/2014 - 03:56 pm

Category: D├ęcor & Lighting

By Kelli Comer

Your favorite scents and aromas can speak volumes about your personality. An inviting aroma can make your home memorable when guests walk in. Endless scents and fragrances are available when it comes to candles.

Take this quick quiz to find out what your favorite scent says about you and your home.

Where else do you imagine yourself on a dreary Ohio day?

Dreary City

  1. On the beach in Miami, sipping a piña colada
  2. In the mountains of Colorado, skiing the day away
  3. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, enjoying the outdoors
  4. Snuggled in a cabin in Gatlinburg, reading a book

What is your favorite thing to do?


  1. Have a wine night with your best girlfriends
  2. Build a snowman with your family
  3. Play in the autumn leaves outside with your kids and pets
  4. Cook for family and friends

What is your beverage of choice?

Bar Bottles

  1. A fruity drink, like a strawberry daiquiri
  2. A spicy, smooth craft beer
  3. Hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick
  4. Tart and sweet lemonade

What are your favorite colors?

  1. Royal blue, purple, grey
  2. Brown, dark purple, green
  3. Orange, teal, hunter green
  4. Periwinkle, coral, mint green

How do you spend an ideal weekend in Northeast Ohio?


  1. Out on the town in Ohio City with a big group of friends
  2. Sled riding with your family at the Mill Stream Run Chalet
  3. Taking fall photos of beautiful trees at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  4. Enjoying a summer day at Lake Erie with a cookout and great friends and family

If you answered mostly “A”

Your Candleberrry scents are Lime & Coconut, Caribbean Cheesecake, and Pomegranate.

You are naturally charming, extroverted, and love to entertain. If you’re not on the “beach” of Lake Erie when you’re in Ohio, you’re on some beach, somewhere (at least in your head!). You love a good night out with great friends, planning vacations to tropical destinations, and having a piña colada ready for your guests when they walk into your home filled with beach-life décor. The sunshine, relaxation, and scent of something tropical are always calling your name.

If you answered mostly “B”

Your Candleberrry scents are An American Christmas, Home for the Holidays, and Pinecone Primitive.

You are loving, confident, and family-oriented. Northeast Ohio is a dreamland for you because you live for the winter days spent sled riding, and the winter nights spent cuddling up near a crackling fire in the fireplace. Nothing is better than the smell of your fresh Christmas tree, steaming hot chocolate, and fresh desserts baking in the oven. You like your home to smell like an invitation to Christmas all the year round.

If you answered mostly “C”

Your Candleberrry scents are Mulled Cider, Copper Leaves, and Country Rain.

You are outgoing, sociable, and energetic. The bursts of color in autumn are your favorite sights, as well as your favorite time of year. Grab a camera and get some shots of the ever-changing leaves of fall. Walk through the woods and breath in the fresh outdoor air. Outdoors is where you thrive, and you like the scents of the season wafting throughout your humble abode. Fall is always in the air at your household.

If you answered mostly “D”

Your Candleberrry scents are Vanilla Orange Crush, Buttercream Snickerdoodle, and Pink Sugar.

You are elegant, a dreamer, and a romantic. You love spending as much time as possible with your significant other and your kids. You’re always in the kitchen cooking, baking, or frying up a storm. You enjoy making homemade treats for your family, and they love to come home and smell your cooking as soon as they walk in the door. You love to spend all day in the kitchen making your spouse’s favorite snickerdoodles.

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