What To Consider When Buying Flooring

by HGExpo.com on 04/03/2015 - 02:26 pm

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By Monica Guhde

Owner, Guhde Flooring America

There is a lot to consider when you choose flooring for your home. The decisions you make are likely to be based on a combination of appearance, comfort, durability, maintenance, and price.


For many people, appearance is going to be at the top of the list. Putting budget limitations aside, everybody has in his or her mind an image of how they want their room to look. Since the floor is usually the largest surface in the room—apart from the ceiling—it has a major impact on the appearance of the rest of the room. If you plan to redecorate an entire room, the floor is the place to lay the foundation for color and style. Although carpeting offers a wide diversity of color and pattern options, hardwood flooring also is available with a variety of wood types and finishes. Laminate flooring is the chameleon of the market. It can mimic materials like hardwood, ceramic, and stone tile in appearance.


How do you use the room that you are flooring? If it’s a family room where you plan to “camp out” with the kids and watch Cartoon Network, you probably will prefer a warm, plush carpet over hardwood floors. If your room will be used more formally, then the stately appearance of hardwood may trump cozy comfort. Adding an area rug to that hard floor can also create a cushy walking space.

In the kitchen, if you spend a lot of time cooking, you may want to consider softening your floor by using a more flexible laminate instead of ceramic tile, which can be harder on your feet.

Comfort isn’t only about body contact, whether walking on, or lying on, a floor. If you are susceptible to miserable allergies, you may want to think about a hard surface that doesn’t hold dust like carpeting does.


Speaking of holding dust, ease of maintenance is another important consideration when you choose floor covering. If you install carpeting, how often will you have to vacuum? You may like the look of a light color, but light colors don’t hide dirt and stains as well as dark colors. Laminates and vinyl products are among the flooring materials that require less maintenance.


Flooring can be a large investment. Whichever covering you choose, you’ll want it to last for years. Durability is one reason that laminate and vinyl products have become very popular. Properly installed ceramic and stone tile offer rugged options that resist wear and will last for many years. Being a soft material, carpet tends to wear quicker than other flooring materials. However, new fiber technologies produce carpeting that is more durable and stain resistant than ever before.


Naturally, price is always a consideration. There is often a variance between what you would like in a perfect world and what you can afford in the real world. It’s important to consider that you usually get what you pay for. Low priced carpeting, for example, will probably need to be replaced sooner than a more expensive option. In the long run, the lower priced could end up costing you more. Consider the price over the expected life of the floor. You may want to think about which materials will last the longest, but keep in mind that you may decide to change your look down the road—even before your floor begins to show its age.

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