What's A Fairy Garden?

by HGExpo.com on 07/17/2014 - 03:51 pm

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If you’ve been to a garden center this year, you may have seen some very tiny lawn ornaments with labels like, “For Fairies Only.”

No, you’ve not slipped into Neverland.  You’re witnessing the birth—and very fast growth—of a whimsy, new gardening trend.

And we love whimsy.

Basically, a fairy garden is a miniature garden.

Fairy Garden Church

Fairy gardens use real plants and fairy-functional garden accents like mini-chairs and super small fences to transform a small space into the perfect home for a fairy.

It’s growth, in large part, is thanks to crafty kids.

“This is the perfect craft for kids because they can choose which plants to use in the garden and help design what the garden will look like,” shares Bruce Brainard, Sales Manager at Smith Brother Garden Center in Bath, Ohio. “It’s a fun way for them to use their imaginations.”

Fairy Garden

And there are no strict fairy garden rules. You’ll find plants that are similar to grasses, bushes, and trees; small pebbles for a path; or sand for a fairy beach. Many fairy gardens have miniature cottages or houses for the fairies to reside in—complete with flagpoles, picket fences, and small benches.

Plus, many of the mini plants that are used in the garden can survive year-round, giving kids a sense of responsibility to care for the garden they created.

Fairy Garden

And you can keep your fairy garden just about anywhere: a focal point on an outside patio table or an indoor accessory for your windowsill.

Clap. Clap. Clap. We believe.

Fairy Garden

Smith Bros. Garden Center in Bath is offering Fairy Garden workshops every Saturday this summer. It’s located at 1285 N Cleveland Massillon Road in Bath. To participate in the fairy garden workshop, you’ll need to register in advance by emailing info@smithbrosmulch.com or calling 330-617-8465.