Winter Landscaping 101

by on 02/02/2017 - 12:53 pm

Category: Lawn & Garden

By Marcia Hawkins
Owner, Uncle John’s Plant Farm

Some of the most stunning paintings depict winter landscapes. Think Claude Monet’s magpie and Vincent van Gogh’s snow-covered field with a harrow. Or acclaimed photographer Ansel Adams famous print of Clearing Winter Storm in Yosemite National Park.

If these heralded artists see beauty in winter’s barren land, you can also take an artistic look at your home’s winter landscape and spruce it up.

Focus on bark and berries. Plan ahead to add some interest to the stark winter backdrop by planting trees and shrubs in the fall that have interesting bark, such as birch trees or red twig dogwoods, or those that don’t drop their berries, such as holly and crabapples.

Don’t put away summertime containers. When the flowers stop blooming in your hanging baskets, window boxes and flowerpots, it is not time to put them away for winter. Use these containers to showcase miniature evergreens, creatively arranged twigs, or dried ornamental grasses that still add some visual interest as they go dormant gracefully.

Add hardscape to soften the landscape. Benches, garden sculptures and arbors will really stand out in the winter, so consider adding some hardscape items to your yard. If you already have a bench, paint it a bright color so it will pop against the white snow.

Light up your home. To turn the focus on your home’s exterior—and away from a barren landscape—by installing low-voltage lights. Uplight the architectural features of your home.

Enjoy your yard year-round. Add a covered structure over your barbeque grill to keep the snow away so you can cook outdoors year-round, or build a fire pit where you can gather and keep warm while enjoying the great outdoors.


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